Groom Box


Dimensions:  20″ x 10″ x 12″ High


Around the stables, over to the barn to groom your horse, out to the garden to plant some herbs, or wearing your handyman’s cap, you will find that our wooden Groom Box yields ample space for the tools of your trade.  Our substantial Groom Box will easily accommodate your horse grooming tools, gardening hand tools, or the essentials of your particular expertise.  You determine how the space will be used with the removable wooden dividers.

Whether you call it your Groom Box, Gardening Tools Tote, or Carpenter’s Tool Caddy, you will find that it meets your needs.  Around the home or on the farm, you will find so many uses for your wooden Groom Box.

Custom monograms start at
an additional $25.00

Custom carving starts at
an additional $50.00

*Price does not include cost of shipping.

The Hard-Working Groom Box

These beautiful Groom Boxes are handmade from solid select Cherry.  All components are milled here in our home-based woodworking shop.  Special attention is given when laying out the components to accentuate the beautiful figure of the Cherry’s grain.  If you order a personalized piece, we carve your chosen lettering and then hand-paint the carved text.  We can also incorporate a custom carved image or logo onto your personal Groom Box.

The hand-painted carvings are showcased along with our warm signature stain under a clear topcoat. These features come together in a durable and heirloom quality finish.

Often referred to as a symbol of quality craftsmanship, the dovetail joinery offers a touch of traditional elegance to our hard-working Horse Grooming Tool Tote/Gardening Tool Tote.  The sturdy 1 1/8″ diameter fluted carrying handle provides both comfort and sophistication.  You may have to resist the urge to use your Groom Box solely for decoration.

Our Groom Box comes standard with two removable dividers.  You can utilize your dividers as best suit your needs.

A personalized Groom Box makes a truly unique gift which will be cherished for generations.  Whether as a gift to a client or loved one, these handcrafted Groom Boxes are destined to become family heirlooms.