Wood Treatment

Contains:  4 oz.


Keeping your Breadboard beautiful for many years to come is easy with occasional applications of our Beeswax Wood Treatment.  Our Beeswax Wood Treatment is a good old-fashioned blend of beeswax & mineral oil.  The food-safe mineral oil moisturizes the wood.  The beeswax smells wonderful while providing a warm luster and a slight degree of water resistance.  Our proprietary blend is our original creation and a proven treatment in the preservation of your Breadboard.

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Our Beeswax Wood Treatment is
Handcrafted by Gathering Wood

Use Instructions:

Hand-wash your Breadboard in warm water with mild soap and dry immediately.  Using a clean cloth, massage in an even coat of Beeswax Wood Treatment.  Thoroughly cover your Breadboard and allow it to soak in for approximately five minutes.  Firmly buff your Breadboard to bring back its warm luster.

Do you need a Breadboard?

We include a free four-ounce container of our Beeswax Wood Treatment with each purchase of a Breadboard from Gathering Wood.