Wooden Breadboard

“Our Daily Bread”

Dimensions:  13″ x 8″ (Cutting Surface)
19″ (Overall Length)
3/4″ Thick Cherry Wood
Includes:  4 oz. tin of Beeswax Wood Treatment


Enjoy the gift of daily bread with our wooden Breadboards.  Our Breadboards are quite serviceable and make such an attractive means of serving your favorite loaf.  Engraved with the words “Our Daily Bread”, this lovely Breadboard is handmade from solid select 3/4″ thick Cherry wood and is finished with our Beeswax Wood Treatment – our proprietary blend of beeswax and food-safe mineral oil.

We try to keep this handcrafted Breadboard in stock, and it customarily ships within forty-eight hours of processing your order.

*Price does not include cost of shipping.

One 4 oz. tin of Beeswax Wood Treatment is included with each Breadboard.  Beeswax Wood Treatment is our own blend of food-safe Mineral Oil and Beeswax.

Care Instructions:

Hand-wash your Breadboard with warm water and mild soap.  Dry your Breadboard immediately.  Periodically apply a generous coat of our Beeswax Wood Treatment.  Do not soak your Breadboard or wash your Breadboard in a dishwasher.  Avoid storing your Breadboard near a heat source.  Avoid prolonged contact of hot metal with your wood pieces as prolonged contact may result in staining.  Do not leave your Breadboard on a wet surface for an extended period of time.