Custom Diplomacy Game Board

We were contacted to create a very special Christmas gift. Our client commissioned us to create a custom made, coffee table quality, Diplomacy Game Board. This was a delightful project and it was a pleasure to work with Stacey.


All the components were milled from solid Cherry.






Our client chose to have handcrafted stained playing pieces included with the Game Board.



Our daughter, Allison, created two satin-lined velvet drawstring pouches for the playing pieces.



Our client secured rights to reproduce the game board image. The digitally reproduced game board image is protected under glass.


We carved our client’s personal inscription (under pouches) within one section of the interior.


The finished outer dimensions of this custom Diplomacy Game Board are 38.625″ long x 28.875″ wide x 3.75″ tall.


The design of this Game Board included enclosed storage for game pieces, note pads, etc.


Also included into the design were finger holes which facilitate the removal of the playing surface in order to access the storage compartment.



Do you have a custom project in mind? We’d love to help.

The van Vegten Family

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  1. jacob phillips
    jacob phillips says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

    Oh yeah, I do have an idea for another custom project; I’ll get in touch with you later about it.

    …and a belated Merry Christmas brother, hope to talk to you soon.

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