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Gathering Wood works with numerous materials in meeting your specialized needs.  We can work with Hardwoods – Softwoods – MDO – HDO – Plywood – MDF – Aluminum – PVC – Acrylic – HDPE – Plastics – Particle Board – HDU – Sign Foam – Composites.

We can help with your original creations and with your unique reproductions.  Contact us for 3D Carvings – Architectural Mouldings – Signage – Plaques – Cabinet Components – Templates – Stencils – Historic Ornamental Reproductions – Wainscoting – Mantels – Prototypes – Models – Engraving – Inlay – Texturing – Fluting – Drilling.

Working with your choice of material, Gathering Wood can produce individual Cut-Out Letters, Raised Letters, V-Carved Lettering, and Pocketed Lettering.

We also provide access to a comprehensive library of 3D reliefs for use in your project.

We work with Hardwoods. Softwoods. MDO. HDO. Plywood. MDF. Particle Board. Aluminum. PVC. Acrylic. HDPE. Plastics. HDU. Sign Foam. Composites. Contact us.

Our Fourth Axis Rotary Indexing Head can meet your need for specialized cylindrical components.  Turned legs, fluted pieces, architectural elements, and ornamental work can be created from various materials for your specific application.  Our indexing capabilities allow us to create flutes on cylindrical pieces – something not easily achieved on traditional lathes.  We will work with you in creating a one-of-a-kind element, or in replicating an existing piece.

Restoring historic buildings can be both challenging and rewarding.  Preserving a treasure along charming Broadway & Main Street in your hometown may require some modern craftsmanship as you endeavor to replicate previously fashioned ornaments.  You may choose to use techniques peculiar to the period of construction, or budget constraints, available time, or other applicable factors may find you taking the liberty of using a contemporary means of duplication.

Pictured at right is an example of one such restoration project.  A few ornamental elements from a commercial building’s lovely Victorian face were missing and others were considerably beyond repair.  Using the technology of our time, Gathering Wood created reproductions of the building’s embellishments which were to be replaced.

If you would like to use architectural castings on your project’s interior or exterior, we can also assist in creating a mould for your specific application.  Architectural castings have long been used in enhancing a building’s interior and exterior.  We can also work with you in creating a one-of-a-kind ceiling medallion for your project, or bringing to fruition your very own gingerbread design reminiscent of a stately Victorian mansion.

Whether you are setting out to build or restore a Colonial, Federal, Victorian, Arts & Crafts, or Modernism structure, we may be able to help with those ornamental features which can make your project come together beautifully.

Contact us if we can be of assistance.