Custom Wall Beds from Gathering Wood

Commissioned to build a custom Wall Bed, we set out to determine our client’s tastes and needs for their new furnishing. Also known as Murphy Beds or Pull-Down-Beds, the Wall Bed stands out as a functional piece of furnishing with endless means of design. Meeting the needs and wishes of our client, this design featured a horizontally mounted queen Wall Bed, raised panels, custom milled trim components, and a mantle-top for a truly refined look. Topped off with a custom blended stain and a lacquer finish, this Wall Bed will serve our clients and their house guests for years to come.

Solidly Constructed Wall Bed

Raised Panels Wall Bed

Wall Bed Assembly

Jameson Tests Wall Bed

Jim & Jameson Test Wall Bed

Custom Stain on Wall Bed

Custom Finish for Custom Wall Bed

Custom Finish on Custom Wall Bed Furniture

A delivery and installation by Jim & Jameson round off this fine project.

Installation of Custom Wall Bed

Installing Custom Murphy Bed

Polishing Custom Wall Bed

Queen Murphy Wall Bed with Raised Panels

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