Custom Book Shelves on a Budget

This particular project called for the creation of custom wall-mounted bookshelves on a reduced budget. Since the shelves were to be painted, I decided to use MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for the shelves and corbels and to use Maple for the front edge to provide additional strength.

Once the overall shelving design was complete, I designed the corbels and cut them out on the CNC router.



I routed a nice profile on the cleats and attached the cleats and corbels to the wall.


It was a blessing to work with my son, Jameson.



The Maple front edge was painted to match. The Maple provides additional strength for this bibliophile’s book shelves.



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Oval Wooden Serving Tray Update

Our Oval Wooden Serving Tray prototype is nearing completion. The stain and a couple of coats of the hand-rubbed finish have been applied. The blacksmith is busy working on the wrought iron handles.


We are also working on a different method of construction for another Oval Serving Tray.
You may want to check back and follow the progress of that prototype as well.

Jim & Rebecca