My Son ~ My Apprentice

Years ago my lovely wife, Rebecca, presented me with this meaningful piece of art as a means of encouraging me in my longtime dream of someday working with my son in our woodshop. I now enjoy the pleasure of occasionally having my son in the shop and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.


As Jameson grows, so do his opportunities to learn woodworking skills. Below, we are working together on some blanks for one of our recent additions to Gathering Wood – oval Serving Trays.

Jameson is learning that running stock over the jointer provides a true and crisp glue joint.


We use a high-grade wood glue yielding 4,000 psi.



Jameson is also learning the process that goes into the creation of custom carved Wall Art.

The planer enables us to mill stock to the necessary thickness.



Learning to make precise measurements is a necessity in the woodshop.


The fruit of his labor . . . Some of these pieces are destined to become Five Solas Wall Arts.


We apply a vinyl mask prior to carving. We take this extra step to ensure crisp edges of our carved letters and images. Jameson removes the vinyl mask prior to the hand-painting process.


Here, Jameson is applying the second of three coats to a custom piece.


As I said before, I wouldn’t trade this time together for anything.


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