Celebrating 40 Years ~ Happy Anniversary

We were honored to be part of such a special Wedding Anniversary gift. This custom carved oval Serving Tray is given in celebration of forty years of marriage. We wish to extend our congratulations and blessings to Dale & Betty Eldridge.

Custom Carved Oval Serving Tray

Happy Anniversary ~

The van Vegten Family

An Inspirational Wall Art of Noteworthy Proportions

We enjoyed working with our client, Rebekah, in designing exactly what she wanted. This Inspirational Wall Art, with the full text of Micah 6:8, takes center stage as a custom carved Wall Art of noteworthy proportions ~ 34 wide x 24″ high.

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?


What can we do for you?

Jim & Rebecca
The van Vegten Family

Custom Woodworking in Santa Clarita

Our client is building a custom home and is installing wainscoting throughout. We were commissioned to create custom wainscot panels to wrap some corner columns within the home. Wainscoting adds a striking touch to any home.

Below is an image of one of the corners which is to be wrapped with Knotty Alder panels.

Because of the embellishments which were to be carved and routed into these wainscot panels, I chose glue joints which would provide more surface area for glue than the usual butt/biscuit joint. These joints also eliminate the possibility of exposed biscuits after carving and routing.

This glue joint profile was used to create the panels.


This lock miter joint profile was used to create the corners which were to receive a routed cove detail.


Each panel (various sizes) was created to our client’s dimensions.


In keeping with his mountain & wildlife theme, our client chose to embellish each panel with this deer relief.


I look forward to helping you with your custom woodworking needs.


Create Your Own Wall Art

Sometimes customizing a piece simply means taking something which we already make and making it your own. Our client liked our There’s No Place Like Home Wall Art . . . with a slight twist . . . There’s No Place Like New York.


This custom piece was ordered in a reduced size of 16″ x 7″ to accommodate a smaller space. The detail is still striking at these dimensions.


Would you like to create your own custom wall art?

An Oval Serving Tray ~ Custom Carved for Your Family

We enjoy custom projects and this custom carved oval Serving Tray was a delight to create. Our client, Laura, was a pleasure to work with and we really enjoyed seeing her delighted expression when she saw her completed Serving Tray.


Serving Trays make wonderful personalized gifts. What can we do for you?

The van Vegten Family

Custom Diplomacy Game Board

We were contacted to create a very special Christmas gift. Our client commissioned us to create a custom made, coffee table quality, Diplomacy Game Board. This was a delightful project and it was a pleasure to work with Stacey.


All the components were milled from solid Cherry.






Our client chose to have handcrafted stained playing pieces included with the Game Board.



Our daughter, Allison, created two satin-lined velvet drawstring pouches for the playing pieces.



Our client secured rights to reproduce the game board image. The digitally reproduced game board image is protected under glass.


We carved our client’s personal inscription (under pouches) within one section of the interior.


The finished outer dimensions of this custom Diplomacy Game Board are 38.625″ long x 28.875″ wide x 3.75″ tall.


The design of this Game Board included enclosed storage for game pieces, note pads, etc.


Also included into the design were finger holes which facilitate the removal of the playing surface in order to access the storage compartment.



Do you have a custom project in mind? We’d love to help.

The van Vegten Family

Simple Separate Deliberate Kingdom


This is a favorite – This piece was a surprise gift from a loving wife to her dear husband for their Wedding Anniversary. The text on this Wall Art is rooted in one of our favorite ministries – Highlands Ministries.

Highlands Ministries exists to help Christians
live more simple, separate, and deliberate lives
to the glory of God and for the building of His kingdom.


We enjoyed being part of such a lovely Anniversary gift and making new friends along the way.

What would you liked carved on your inspirational Wall Art?

Jim & Rebecca

Unique Serving Tray – What Does it Symbolize?


We are so grateful to our client for this information and for her kind words.  Here is the explanation which our client provided to us about this very unique Serving Tray –

The tray is lovely and will be a unique gift for this couple. I promised to let you know the origin of the drawing, so here it is.

The couple are both from Bremen Germany, the home of the Bremen musicians which is what the four animals are stacked on top of each other. There is a children’s story about them you can look up and they are a prominent icon and statue in Bremen. We could have chosen the founder, Roulan, whose statue is nearby the musicians, but he is not anywhere as well known outside of Germany and not nearly as cute!


The Bremen musicians are on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa, where the bride’s family has roots and a home and where the couple was married during a residency for medical school for the bride in August.

On the left is one of the towers of the H. B. Plant Hotel, now the University of Tampa, in Tampa Florida, where the bride’s family also has a residence, the couple vacation here often and the bride had another medical residency here also.

So what the artist did was combine the notable features of each place in the world, which we selected, that the couple has ties to jointly.

The wood is fabulous and the translation of the sketch to the wood is very well done. I hope the couple likes it as much as everyone else!

You were very easy to work with and accommodating and responsive. Thanks for your help!

We truly want our clients to be delighted with their custom order, and to enjoy the process of bringing their design concepts to fruition.  It is always such a joy to hear from them after they’ve received their order.

Jim & Rebecca

Unique Serving Tray

We recently created a very special wood Serving Tray which is to be a wedding gift. We were asked if we could work from hand-drawn artwork and carve a Serving Tray featuring the artwork. Our client had an artist prepare a drawing incorporating some elements that were special to this particular couple. The hand-drawn artwork was then mailed to us.

  • Image of the drawing which our client provided –


  • We then scanned the artwork and imported it into our software. Per our client’s request, the image was stretched slightly to fill the Serving Tray –


  • We then carefully traced the image of the drawing line for line. These vectors are necessary in order for our CNC router to carve the image –


  • This image is a digital rendering of what was presented to our client for approval –


  • Here is the finished piece –


  • The carved image was machined 1/32″ deep. The image below reveals the detail which can be achieved –


We had a great laugh with our client when we shared with her what we thought the artwork represented. We were completely wrong. Any guesses?

Jim & Rebecca

Foam Sign Letters

Recently, I cut some letters out of Gatorfoam for a client.

This is an economical way to achieve a very eye catching sign for a business. Below are a few pictures of the project.

  • Here is a screen shot of the letters “nested” together to optimize the use of a rather expensive material –


  • The letters after cutting –


  • An “n” or a “u” . . . you choose –


  • Another view –


What can my robot and I cut for you?