Recent Custom Projects

We thought we would showcase some of our recent custom projects. Whether you are looking for an inspirational Wall Art, or if you are considering a custom carved wooden Serving Tray with your personalized design, we are here to create for you.




Jim & Rebecca

Seaworthy Serving Tray

There is always a bit of a challenge in a custom order. We enjoy challenges.

This particular customer wanted a special gift to give to their client. They chose one of our wooden Serving Trays to be custom carved featuring their client’s sailboat’s name and a sailboat image.

We wanted to personalize this with an image of their client’s actual sailboat. This gift was to be a surprise for their client, so our customer could not ask for a photograph. Instead, they emailed an image from the manufacturer’s brochure. We worked from this image –


Our next step was to create vectors from our customer’s image –


As with all our custom work, we provided a few digital renditions to our customer for their review and approval. They chose this design –


Here is the finished Serving Tray –


Jim & Rebecca

Custom Book Shelves on a Budget

This particular project called for the creation of custom wall-mounted bookshelves on a reduced budget. Since the shelves were to be painted, I decided to use MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for the shelves and corbels and to use Maple for the front edge to provide additional strength.

Once the overall shelving design was complete, I designed the corbels and cut them out on the CNC router.



I routed a nice profile on the cleats and attached the cleats and corbels to the wall.


It was a blessing to work with my son, Jameson.



The Maple front edge was painted to match. The Maple provides additional strength for this bibliophile’s book shelves.



What can I do for you?


Made to Order ~ Wall Art Featuring Micah 6:8

We certainly enjoyed creating this recent custom order. You can read about how the need for this particular piece came about over at the Phillips family’s Blog.

Here are the simple steps the Phillips family took in placing their order for their personalized Wall Art.

1. They contacted us with the following details for their Wall Art:

~ Text & font
~ Desired dimensions
~ Finish choice (This particular piece was painted with their choice of color. The lettering was carved and then painted black.)

2. We provided a digital rendition (pictured below) for their approval.

Since this particular piece was ordered unframed, we provided the Phillips family with a few options (pictured below) of edge profiles for their consideration.

3. Upon approval, we began production of their custom order.

4. We shipped their order within a week.

Their new Wall Art looks lovely in their home. We want to thank the Phillips family for their kind testimonial ~

“We are so grateful to Gathering Wood for the beautiful sign which they crafted for our home. The quality is unsurpassable! Our family recommends Gathering Wood for their excellent customer service, attention to detail, and talented abilities in custom woodworking.”

Made to Order ~ Pride Stick

An Assistant Football Coach from a local high school contacted us about a rather unique project. To motivate their defensive players, this high school created a tradition in which they award each game’s defensive MVP with the honor of having their name inscribed on a Pride Stick. The previous game’s MVP takes possession of the Stick and gets to carry it onto the field during the subsequent game.

This is what they brought to us a week before their Awards Banquet.

In keeping with the theme of the Stick, we were asked to carve onto a 2″ x 6″ piece of Douglas Fir. It was also requested that we carve the game scores of the season along the narrow edges of the Stick.

As requested, we painted the carved lettering with the school’s color purple and finished off with several coats of clear gloss. Later, at the Season’s End Awards Banquet, the Pride Stick is presented to the player who was awarded with the most MVP honors.

Here is the finished Pride Stick.