Almost Complete ~ Five Solas Wall Art

The Five Solas is almost ready for assembly. The carving is complete and the hand-painting is almost finished. The frames are assembled and will soon be mounted.
We plan to have our new Five Solas Wall Art ready to ship late next week. This new piece will be featured on the Wall Art section of our products page.

Jim & Rebecca

Our New Serving Tray

We are excited about the release of our new Serving Tray. It should be up on our website within the next few days.


We wanted to make an uncarved Serving Tray available to our customers ~ for those with a preference for simplicity and a reduced cost.


This Tray will be available for $185.00. Contact us if you are interested before it becomes available on our website.

Prunus serotina

As I said before, I enjoy working with wood. Each species is different and beautiful. My table saw never fails to bring out the aromas within ~ Each has its own distinct scent.

Perhaps my favorite hardwood to work with is Cherry; Prunus serotina.

Cherry Wood

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Rosales
Family: Rosaceae
Subfamily: Prunoideae
Genus: Prunus
Subgenus: Padus
Species: P. serotina

Some Cherry trees are known to live up to 258 years and can reach almost 100 feet in height with trunks attaining diameters as great as 47 inches. The widest Cherry wood board I have worked with was only 14″ wide 🙁

Although hardwoods come from all over the world, a favorite hardwood with me is American grown. Prunus serotina grows throughout the Midwestern and Eastern United States.


To Create Beautiful Things from a Beautiful Thing

I enjoyed reading A Reverence for Wood by Eric Sloane. My wife, Rebecca, gave this to me recently as a gift. The book highlights the important role that wood has played in the development of American life and culture and touches on topics such as the aesthetics of wood, wooden implements, and carpentry.

Mr. Sloane rightly comments ~

That century of magnificent awareness preceding the Civil War was the age of wood. Wood was not accepted simply as the material for building a new nation – it was an inspiration. Gentle to the touch, exquisite to contemplate, tractable in creative hands, stronger by weight than iron, wood was, as William Penn had said, “a substance with a soul”. It spanned rivers for man; it built his home and heated it in the winter; man walked on wood, slept in it, sat on wooden chairs at wooden tables, drank and ate the fruits of trees from wooden cups and dishes. From cradle of wood to coffin of wood, the life of man was encircled by it.

I also found this an enjoyable inclusion ~

The heft and feel of a well-worn handle,
The sight of shavings that curl from a blade;
The logs in the woodpile, the sentiment of huge beams in an old-fashioned house;
The smell of fresh cut timber and the pungent fragrance of burning leaves;
The crackle of kindling and the hiss of burning logs.
Abundant to all the needs of man,
how poor the world would be without wood.

Everard Hinrichs

There is something about wood ~ something about working with it that I find enjoyable. I consider it a blessing to create with wood; to create beautiful things from a beautiful thing.


Made to Order ~ Wall Art Featuring Micah 6:8

We certainly enjoyed creating this recent custom order. You can read about how the need for this particular piece came about over at the Phillips family’s Blog.

Here are the simple steps the Phillips family took in placing their order for their personalized Wall Art.

1. They contacted us with the following details for their Wall Art:

~ Text & font
~ Desired dimensions
~ Finish choice (This particular piece was painted with their choice of color. The lettering was carved and then painted black.)

2. We provided a digital rendition (pictured below) for their approval.

Since this particular piece was ordered unframed, we provided the Phillips family with a few options (pictured below) of edge profiles for their consideration.

3. Upon approval, we began production of their custom order.

4. We shipped their order within a week.

Their new Wall Art looks lovely in their home. We want to thank the Phillips family for their kind testimonial ~

“We are so grateful to Gathering Wood for the beautiful sign which they crafted for our home. The quality is unsurpassable! Our family recommends Gathering Wood for their excellent customer service, attention to detail, and talented abilities in custom woodworking.”

Made to Order ~ Pride Stick

An Assistant Football Coach from a local high school contacted us about a rather unique project. To motivate their defensive players, this high school created a tradition in which they award each game’s defensive MVP with the honor of having their name inscribed on a Pride Stick. The previous game’s MVP takes possession of the Stick and gets to carry it onto the field during the subsequent game.

This is what they brought to us a week before their Awards Banquet.

In keeping with the theme of the Stick, we were asked to carve onto a 2″ x 6″ piece of Douglas Fir. It was also requested that we carve the game scores of the season along the narrow edges of the Stick.

As requested, we painted the carved lettering with the school’s color purple and finished off with several coats of clear gloss. Later, at the Season’s End Awards Banquet, the Pride Stick is presented to the player who was awarded with the most MVP honors.

Here is the finished Pride Stick.

Our Daily Bread ~ Coming in January

Our dear friends over at Honoring Service commissioned us to create a Breadboard to their specifications. We were so pleased with the design and the result that we have decided to add a lovely Breadboard of Cherry wood to our pieces. Coming in January, Gathering Wood will be offering the beautiful Breadboard pictured below. We will be including our handcrafted blend of Beeswax Wood Treatment with each purchase.

Blessings to One and All . . . and Happy New Year

Archaeology Puzzle Solved

Well, . . . here we are a few days later with the mystery solved.

After assembling our Puzzling Green Beast, we ended up with a 5′ High x 8′ Long Velociraptor. Unfortunately, he is now officially extinct as a strong gust of wind knocked him over and damaged him beyond repair. I wonder if we have seen the last of his kind?

Perhaps, next time, we will build one from solid Cherry.

Our Children’s Latest CNC Archaeology Project

Jim needed to clear some space in our workshop. It seems that there was this big piece of MDF taking up a lot of space. It blocked the entry to my washing machine and the access to his Shop Vac.

Our dear children reminded us that we purchased this particular piece of MDF some time ago for a very special project.

Can you guess what it is? Check back soon to see the finished craft.

Allison is Learning to “Zero” the CNC Router ~

Jameson is Learning to Tighten the Collet ~

Making Progress on Their Special Project ~

Our Green Beast is Almost Complete ~ Can You Guess?

What Else Goes On In That Workshop?

We spend a lot of time in our workshop. There are times, however, when our hands are busy with projects that are not for our family business. You see, our children keep an endless list of crafts that they want to build in the workshop. So, from time to time, we gather up supplies and work on a project that has caught their eye. Actually, this time we worked on three.

Stilts caught Allison’s eye and were first on our list ~

Jameson’s Bullroarer was next on our list ~

And a Catapult turned out to be Cody’s (our Chocolate Lab) favorite project for use in launching his tennis ball ~

Our children honed their woodworking skills, got in a little math, and more importantly, made wonderful memories together.