Archaeology Puzzle Solved

Well, . . . here we are a few days later with the mystery solved.

After assembling our Puzzling Green Beast, we ended up with a 5′ High x 8′ Long Velociraptor. Unfortunately, he is now officially extinct as a strong gust of wind knocked him over and damaged him beyond repair. I wonder if we have seen the last of his kind?

Perhaps, next time, we will build one from solid Cherry.

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  1. jphillips4
    jphillips4 says:

    From Julia: “I guess we were all wrong, but I like your idea. I thought the picture of Cody in front of the raptor was pretty cute.”

    From Justin: “The picture of Cody with the raptor- he does not look too sure about it. He looks a little bit afraid. I like the project.”

  2. Heter Family
    Heter Family says:

    Hello Van V’s…

    All of us have enjoyed looking at your blog. How fun that you kids get to help out dad with all the projects.. Eli is so stoked about the dinosaur and asked if we could make him one… 🙂 Its pretty awesome.

    Hope you all are doing so well – Have a wonderful Christmas – hope to hear from you.

    We have a blog as well –


    Gabe, Kiley and Eli Heter (oh i guess Cora too)

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