Exploratory Journey – Looking for Our New Home

It is good to be back home. We just spent a little over a month exploring portions of Southern Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia . . . in search of our new home in the country. We just covered 7,591.9 miles.


Although the trip was primarily to learn more about a handful of states as we consider our future home, we did take the time to make a few stops along the way and create some wonderful memories.

The Meteor Crater in Winslow, Arizona was one of our first stops.


The children faithfully did their lessons while we traveled. Cody always wanted to be part of everything. Actually, he had no choice. They all shared the backseat.



Our first two nights were spent at rest areas along the way. We spent our third night at the Ladybug Campground in Cuba, Missouri. It is a beautiful campground.


We pulled into Bloomington, Indiana excited about spending some time with our dear friends, the Phillips, at Liberty Pastures. The Phillips’ hospitality was a true blessing.


Jim enjoyed spending time with Jake’s Deere.


Much of our trip was spent driving (and driving) around to learn more about different areas and to see some properties. Allison and Jameson were patient travelers; Cody did great, too.


After a week at Liberty Pastures, we headed south to research the southernmost portion of Indiana. A few days later we crossed the Ohio and camped at Indian Springs RV Park in South Bend, Ohio. This lovely place was our home-base for our two-day visit to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.


We had long dreamed of visiting the Creation Museum. This was a memorable treat for our family.




The Gardens outside the Museum are peaceful and lovely.


Gomer (the Camel) was surprisingly soft. Ever pet a Camel?


Every moment at the Museum was a blessing, but we especially enjoyed the opportunity to meet Buddy Davis; speaker, author, illustrator, singer/songwriter, adventurer, and dinosaur sculptor. We also had the pleasure of meeting Buddy’s lovely wife, Kay.


Jameson quickly learned that whenever he opened his window on the drive to enjoy the outdoors, Cody would inevitably come over and stand on his lap and enjoy the great outdoors, as well.


We spent several days driving throughout Kentucky from our home-bases in Taylorsville and Lexington. Later, we went south to visit with a friend, Rick Eldridge of The Wood Shop in Middlesboro, Kentucky. We absolutely enjoyed our tour of Rick’s shop.

While visiting Southeastern Kentucky and Tennessee, we camped at The Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. What a beautiful place. We hope to spend more time at The Cumberland Gap in the future.



We had a couple of (all too brief) visits with The Tennessee Farmgirl, Cheri Shelnutt, and her sons. We left a piece of our hearts in Tennessee.


Our next home-base was at Lakeview RV Park in Bluff City, Tennessee. From here we covered portions of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Absolutely lovely! An additional highlight of beautiful Virginia was our memorable visit to St. Peter Presbyterian Church in Mendota. We were warmly welcomed by all. We also had the pleasure of hearing Dr. RC Sproul Jr. preach.


After several weeks of research, it was time to head west. We stopped in Castle Rock, Colorado for a delightful visit with our dear friends, the Clapp Family. We enjoy every moment we spend with the Clapps. They do not know it yet, but they will be moving to wherever we settle.




We have a lot to pray about. We have been planning and praying about this move for 2 1/2 years. Our California home goes on the market this Friday. We still do not know to where we will move or what the Lord has in store, but we are so excited about this season in our lives.


Jim & Rebecca
The van Vegten Family